About The NBPL

The North Bergen Free Public Library exists to inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen our diverse community. We offer a variety of print and electronic resources, special programs, and timely-services within our warm, user-friendly environment.

To achieve a humanistic environment, it is our intention to provide the patron with a full spectrum of ethical considerations through an aggressive collection development strategy. We will also provide an aesthetic setting, which is conducive to the pursuit of knowledge. Finally, we will maintain a comfortable and approachable atmosphere to embolden the patron to express his/her needs.

In providing our patrons with state-of-the-art information retrieval technology, it is imperative for the North Bergen Free Public Library to make library users cognizant of the high level of technology already in place at the library. Patrons shall also be informed of the resources available through the library's membership in the Bergen County Consortium of Library Services. The library will make users aware of the technology training available at the library. In addition patrons will be provided with technology learning modules, designed by the staff of the library and made available at each computer work station.

The intent of the North Bergen Free Public Library has been, and continues to be, to assist every patron to be a free, independent, and knowledgeable individual, capable of making full use of the resources available through the library. By following the plan outlined above, the library will promote patron autonomy and fulfill its mission of providing the people of the community with the opportunity to pursue lifelong learning.