Lending Policy

Loan Periods

Starting on January 1st, the North Bergen Public Library will be changing our loan periods to the following:

Item Type New Items Renewals Older Items Renewals
Books, Audiobooks, and Kits 14 Days 1 28 Days 2
CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, Video Games, and Magazines 7 Days 1 14 Days 2

Exempt items include High Demand and Reference items which will continue to follow the old loan period guidelines. High Demand items circulate for 7 days with 2 renewals, and Reference items do not circulate.

Starting on February 14th, all BCCLS libraries will change their loan periods to the above guidelines. This policy change is intended to provide consistency for library users and to better communicate due dates and renewals for items that have been loaned from different libraries.

Fines & Damaged/Lost Items

An overdue fine of $0.10 per day will be charged on books. An overdue fine of $1.00 per day will be charged on all media items. Inquiries on fees regarding lost or damaged items, please contact the library's Circulation Desk.

North Bergen Residents

Library cards are issued by the community in which the patron resides or owns property.

If a patron owns property in one BCCLS town and lives in another BCCLS town the patron is entitled to a card in each town.

Minor children in the custody of divorced parents residing in different towns are eligible for two library cards, so long as the parent or legal guardian living in that town is willing to sign for the child's card. All other local library requirements, e.g. for parent eligibility to sign for a child, pertain.

Courtesy Cards

Patrons who work or attend school in a BCCLS town but do not live in a BCCLS town, or an Open Borrowing town, may be issued a Courtesy Card. Courtesy card patrons are only entitled to walk-in use at the issuing library.

Inter-library Loan (ILL)

Items not currently available at our library may be requested from other libraries. Requests may be placed electronically through the BCCLS library catalog or at the library's Reference Desk. These materials are subject to their home library's rules and regulations. For information on how to place a request from the BCCLS library catalog, click here.

Building Policy

Cell Phone Use

All cell phones must be set to silent/vibrate alarm when inside the library. If you wish to make or take a call, please step outside the building or in the library's vestibule. If you need to make an emergency phone call and do not have a cell phone, please see the Circulation Desk.

Food & Drink

Food and drink are only allowed in the library's designated Magazine Area.


Please respect the rights of others to quietly study, read or work without interference. Please maintain low noise levels. All listening devices must not be audible to anyone but the user.

Patrons will be asked to leave the library for loud and/or unreasonable noise, abusive, threatening or obscene language or disruptive behavior. Illegal substances, alcohol, weapons and tobacco products are also prohibited.

The library is a bully-free zone. In the event that you should witness an act of bullying, immediately refer to a library staff member.

Shirts and shoes must be worn by all, and patrons are requested to wear appropriate street clothing.

Guide dogs or animals used to assist the handicapped are permitted within the building.

Any assistive animal that is deemed to be threatening or disruptive must be removed from the library premises .All other pets or animals are to remain outside the building.

Bicycling, skateboarding and roller skating on library property is a safety hazard and is prohibited. Bicycles shall not be left on the ground near doorways or walkways. Bicycles must be parked and locked in the bike rack located in front of the building.

The library is not responsible for personal property. Personal items left by patrons who are not present on library property are subject to disposal. For security purposes, do not leave bags unattended.

Theft, damage or destruction of library property is a crime and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Patrons are not allowed to solicit, petition, canvass or sell merchandise anywhere on library property without the written consent of the Library Director.

Unattended Children

Libraries are public places and the Library cannot serve in loco parentis (in the place of parents). Caregivers and attendants are responsible to remain available for the personal and/or special needs of those entrusted to their care. No person shall leave children under the age of 12 unattended on Library premises.


Computer Use Policy

All Computer Users MUST have a library card.

  1. ANY BCCLS library card You can use your North Bergen library card, or any library card issued from a participating BCCLS library
  2. NON-BCCLS (Hudson County Libraries) Patrons MUST have a library card from their own library so our Circulation Department can put a North Bergen library barcode on the back
  3. TRANSIENTS (out of town visitors) A valid state-issued identification card is needed to use one of the library's guest computers. Please see the Reference Librarian for more info
Please Note:
  • Printing is self-service. Scan the library card at the Self-Service computer station, click "Release a Print Job" and then scan your library card.
  • Printing for black & white copies is $.15 each copy. Color printing is $0.50 per copy.
  • The Computer Lab (located in the lower level of the library) is available to any patron with an adult card (7th grade and up).
  • Children's computers are available to any child (6th grade and under) with a valid juvenile library card.
  • Patrons are allowed three one-hour sessions per day with their library card.
  • No time extensions will be granted.