Senior Citizens

In addition to our regular adult programming, the North Bergen Library offers special programming for the enjoyment of senior citizens. For additional information or specific dates on any of our programs, please contact the library at 201-869-4715.

Senior Citizen Movie Matinee

The North Bergen Library hosts a movie screening for interested patrons. Typically held on the second Thursday of every month, the movies screened cover a wide range of types and genres, and are chosen by the attendees of the previous month’s Movie Matinee. Free refreshments are served. Movies are screened in the afternoon and take place in the conference room, located on the lower floor. For more information or to confirm the date of the next Movie Matinee and the film being screened, please contact the library.

Senior Citizen Game Day

The North Bergen Library offers a Game Day for those wishing to spend time socializing and playing fun games. Game Day is typically held on the fourth Thursday of every month at 1:00 pm, in the conference room located on the lower floor. A variety of card games and board games are provided, and participants are encouraged to bring their own games from home as well! Free refreshments are served. For more information or questions about the Game Day, please contact the library.

Western Slopes

The North Bergen Library hosts club meetings for the Western Slopes. Meetings are typically held on the first and third Thursday of each month, and included socializing, refreshments, and games. Meetings are held in the conference room, on the lower floor of the library. The Library hosts the Western Slopes meeting but does not run the club; to see about membership please speak with a current Western Slopes member.

Senior Citizen Library Loan Service

The North Bergen Library offers a free senior citizen library loan service. Seniors who live in participating building complexes can call the library and request books and other items. The books will then be delivered directly to the main lobby of the building. Senior library loan service is currently available for the following residences in North Bergen: 6201 Grand Avenue 6121 Grand Avenue 6299 Grand Avenue 6800 Columbia Avenue 6115 Granton Avenue In order to take advantage of the senior library loan service, participants MUST have a valid and functioning North Bergen library card. For more information or questions, please contact the library.